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Hurrah, a great review of Wilber’s War

6/23/15. According to Midwest Book Review (June 2015), my World War II trilogy, Wilber’s War, is “…informed and informative…thoughtful and thought-provoking…an inherently fascinating read…deftly crafted…very highly recommended for both community and academic library …collections…”

For the entire critique go to the Press page of this website or go to Midwest Book Review directly.

Getting an independently published  book recognized is not an easy task and I have encountered my share of rebuffs on this project. I had become totally ready for this work to disappear without a ripple, when (surprise) in came a review from a highly respected review service, Midwest Book Review, AND it is highly positive. They accept no money for reviews and of course are flooded with book candidates for review. A book must make the cut for possible review, and then one of their reviewers must choose to review it sometime over the next 15 weeks or so. It appears that Wilber’s War “made the cut” and was chosen for review within a week or two of its submission. The review (actually a short “critique”)  is totally favorable, though it is lacking in detailed commentary on the writing, the historical value, the design, etc.

As for other review services, I submitted the work to the Library Journal and also to Foreword Reviews and have not yet heard from either. Neither accepts payments and again one hopes one’s work is selected for review. I also submitted the work to Kirkus which charges about  $500 per book, but we differed greatly on how to handle a trilogy. Since their maximum word count for the basic fee is 200,000 words, I thought my 310,000 words could reasonably be reviewed for 155% the basic fee, but they wanted 270% (for three books, less 10%). They had gone ahead and reviewed the first book v(only), but I did not download it. In the end they agreed (with no argument) to return my money. I am curious about the  content of that review, but it would cost me $575 to find out!

In May, my publicist sent out about 60 unsolicited copies of the trilogy to organizations that might choose to review the trilogy. So far I have heard from none of them, but it is early given the August publication date. The Independent Book Publishers’ Association (IBPA) has given me a platform for advertising the book to potential reviewers and to display it at book shows. I have a few minor leads from the ads (small weekly ads), and I have exhibited the work at the Book Expo in New York and will do so next week at the American Library Association book show in San Francisco. I did attend the former and will attend the latter. In New York, I did make a few contacts that could turn out to be useful. Mostly I learned how huge the book business is and the microscopic contribution my great work makes to it.

I am still waiting for my printer to produce the slipcases for the full order of 2000 sets. In the meantime, I and my publicist get small quantities of the set for PR purposes. The publication date, V-J Day, Aug. 14, 2014, rapidly approaches!

That’s all for now from this amateur book publisher and marketer.