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Marketing Wilber’s War


Hale Bradt with the Silver Medal plaque at the IBPA "University" in Salt Lake City. April 2016.
Hale Bradt with Silver (Finalist) Award at the IBPA “University,” April 2016.

Wilber’s War won a third Finalist Award, this one from the National Indie Excellence Awards in the category War and Military (non-fiction). The winners have been picked for two of the three, and unfortunately neither was Wilber’s War. The Foreword Reviews Winner will be announced later this month. Cross your fingers.

In April, I made three marketing trips for Wilber’s War: to the Independent Book Publisher Association in Salt Lake City, to Maryland where I gave talks in two Maritime Museums (Annapolis and Chesapeake Bay), and finally to the conference of the Society of Military Historians in Ottawa, Canada. The latter was very rewarding, in the contacts I made and in the sights and museums of Ottawa.

I have completed a one-volume version of Wilber’s War, which is destined for POD (Print on Demand) publication, probably on Create Space, hopefully for release on Pearl Harbor Day this year. We are still wrestling with the choice of title for it.

My publicist is being re-activated for a two-week push leading up to Father’s Day. That will mean more radio interviews and one or more op-ed pieces. We are lowering the price to $59 (from $79) for the campaign.

I am going to the ALA (Am. Library Assoc.) conference in Orlando later this month.

Despite all this and excellent reviews, the trilogy sales are slow. When I stir the pot, some sell; when I am not, few do. Altogether, about 130 have sold, which some might say is not bad given its bulk and price. There is much more I can do and will do. Marketing a book was never advertised to be easy, and it isn’t.