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Wilber’s War (abridged) is Done!

How did we finish up? We of course did not submit the book’s text to my designer, Lisa Carta, until it was “letter perfect,” or so I thought.
Wilber's War Abridged CoverMy “final” version had been edited by my wonderful editor, Francie King, and all her suggested edits incorporated by me before submitting it to Lisa. A month or so later, Lisa finished the layout and sent me the pdf file for the entire book. I printed it out and read it carefully, word for word, finding many additional defects, mostly minor. My editor, Francie King, likewise read it, but on her computer screen, finding her own set of improvements.

After Lisa incorporated our numerous edits, I submitted the pdf to CreateSpace (CS), whereupon we were prompted by their software to fix a few details. We did so and this led to a pdf proof I reviewed on screen. I then ordered four proof print copies of the book, complete with cover. They arrived two days later. They were beautiful, and the quality of the printed illustrations was much better than I expected for Print on Demand printing. Lisa’s cover design is dynamite, very similar but recognizably different than the trilogy cover. Francie, Lisa, and I each reviewed these proof books. I read one carefully, Francie reviewed layout details, and Lisa focused on illustration quality. All this led to corrections on some 60 pages.

Again Lisa made those corrections—with no complaints and great patience. I resubmitted to CS with the vow that I would live with this version, even if my name were misspelled on the cover! The pdf proof looked fine so I ordered five proof print copies of the book, which I am expecting to receive today.

The publication date is the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7, 2016, a little more than three months from now. In the meantime, I will seek reviews, will modify the website to incorporate this new book, and will attend to other marketing details. Hopefully it will be possible to pre-order shortly. The book is softcover and very economically priced at $14.99.