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Joanne Patton (daughter-in-law of the WWII general) on Wilber’s War

9/7/17. Joanne Holbrook Patton came to the theatrical reading of Wilber’s War, where I presented her with a copy of Wilber’s War. On 8/24/17, she responded with a most gracious letter, portions of which I quote here, with her permission.

Norma Sparlin Bradt at her new grand piano, about 1937. {Photo: Bradt family)

“I eagerly brought the book home and the next day began to read it. I did not realize what an adventure I was about to take! Thanks to your … candid sharing of your family’s story, I can truthfully say that this was one [of] the most compelling books I have read in some time! The way you have integrated wartime events taking place in Europe, as well as in the Pacific area, interspersing their reports with personal letters and comments is remarkable…. Your book gives the reader the “Norma” story in toto … Your respect for all of your family was always clear, and I came to appreciate each one of them individually.… As a widow whose husband served in the Korean War and three times in the Vietnam Conflict, I am quite familiar of the effect that their combat experience can bring. None of them is immune to residual effects.”

Book talks in IN and ME, revised titles, a hard-covered version, a staged reading

Wilber's War single edition cover9/7/17. I apologize for my long absence on this blog, so here are some brief updates.

– In April, I brought Wilber’s War home to Indiana, Wilber’s birthplace with talks to history classes at Indiana University and to the students of the high school in Versailles. In May, I gave talks in Maine at the University where Wilber taught in the 1930s and at two libraries, in Old Town and Brewer. Both were heart-warming experiences where I connected with many people.

– I have re-positioned my single volume condensation of WW to be the prime product by (i) removing the word “abridged” from the title – see the inset figure – and (ii) by creating a hard-cover version (Ingram Spark, POD). To distinguish them from the trilogy, I now refer to the latter as “Wilber’s War (trilogy).”

– The highlight of the summer, on Aug. 3, was a staged reading of Wilber’s War by the Black Box Lab theater group in nearby Hamilton MA. Two professional actors (T. J. Turner, Patricia Jamison) and a talented director (Myriam Cyr) did a beautiful job of presenting the story as written (synthesized) by me! About 60 people came and were greatly moved by it. We showed 90+ slides during the narrations and included occasional sound effects. I will post a video of it when editing is complete.