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A warm letter from a WWII veteran

10/30/17 (posted 12/8/17). I was most pleased to receive a generous response from General Albin Irzyk, after he had received a copy of Wilber’s War. At age 100, he is a veteran of WWII and Vietnam and the author of several books, including the recent “Patton’s Juggernaut” (Elderberry Press, 2017). A friend here in Salem referred me to him.
“. . . Although, I was absolutely fascinated by your book, I will
have to delay reading it in detail because of conflicts. I was able to
thumb through it. I was amazed by it. I have yet to see a family
story such as you tell. lt is absolutely unique, unprecedented. The
length and depth of your writing was astonishing. Both you and
your Dad are scientists, but you have both written like novelists.
The way that with your words you have weaved together your
Dad’s combat story, your family story, your Mother’s story is
quite remarkable. The photos, which you so carefully researched
and selected add much to the book. All in all, it is a book in which
you can justly take great pride.”. . .

The entire letter is here.