Book talks in IN and ME, revised titles, a hard-covered version, a staged reading

Wilber's War single edition cover9/7/17. I apologize for my long absence on this blog, so here are some brief updates.

– In April, I brought Wilber’s War home to Indiana, Wilber’s birthplace with talks to history classes at Indiana University and to the students of the high school in Versailles. In May, I gave talks in Maine at the University where Wilber taught in the 1930s and at two libraries, in Old Town and Brewer. Both were heart-warming experiences where I connected with many people.

– I have re-positioned my single volume condensation of WW to be the prime product by (i) removing the word “abridged” from the title – see the inset figure – and (ii) by creating a hard-cover version (Ingram Spark, POD). To distinguish them from the trilogy, I now refer to the latter as “Wilber’s War (trilogy).”

– The highlight of the summer, on Aug. 3, was a staged reading of Wilber’s War by the Black Box Lab theater group in nearby Hamilton MA. Two professional actors (T. J. Turner, Patricia Jamison) and a talented director (Myriam Cyr) did a beautiful job of presenting the story as written (synthesized) by me! About 60 people came and were greatly moved by it. We showed 90+ slides during the narrations and included occasional sound effects. I will post a video of it when editing is complete.