Hooray! Wilber’s War is a Finalist Twice!

I have just learned that Wilber’s War, my trilogy about our family in World War II, has been selected as a Finalist by two well regarded awarding organizations:


  1. Independent Book Publishers Association Benjamin Franklin Awards (Biography)
  2. Forward Reviews’ INDIEFAB Awards (War & Military)


These are like a silver medals. The Gold awards will be announced soon. I have also submitted the trilogy to two other organizations and hope for similar success with them.

Wish the trilogy good luck.

2 thoughts on “Hooray! Wilber’s War is a Finalist Twice!

  1. Greetings, Hale– Warm congratulations on being named a fellow Finalist (Category: Military Non-Fiction) in the National Indie Excellence Awards competition. When the results popped up just a while ago, I perused the category and found your 3-volume trilogy alongside my own entry. Yours is one I hope to purchase and read very soon, as our approaches and focus seemed to be along similar lines, e.g., portrayal of families and veterans of WW2. Wishing you all the best success with your title. Very best regards, Joe H. Camp, Jr.,PhD http://southerngentlemenredarrows.wordpress.com

    1. Greeting Joe, I am so pleased to hear from you. The 32nd Division was one of the few out in S Pacific already when the 43rd arrived. It is also an Army story of the Pacific War as is Wilber’s War. I cannot wait to read it. I just lowered the price on the trilogy to $59. Go on my website http://www.wilberswar.com to get a small discount with discount code FFWW.

      I have been a bad boy keeping up with my blog and just saw your comment. I am working on a one volume version of Wilber’s War, due out on Dec. 7, a famous anniversary, AND my 86th birthday.
      Let’s stay in touch.
      My email: info@vandornbooks.com

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