Relive World War II on the 75th Anniversaries

World War II buffs: In constructing my earlier post below “43rd Division Inducted in Army 75 years ago,” I came to realize that, having just finished celebrating the end of the war (70th anniversary of V-J Day last August), we are now approaching the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day. We now can relive the American experience in WW II day-by-day for the next four and a half years as we pass by the 75th anniversaries of the important events. For my Dad’s perspective of those event in the Pacific Theater, see the video here and also (Use discount code FBWW on that website if you decide to buy the print trilogy, to get 25% off the already reduced price.)

Please forgive the crass promotion of my trilogy. I published it myself, and thus it gets very little exposure. It is a touching, rich, and tragic story that sheds important light on the Pacific War as well as on deeply personal issues that are exacerbated in wartime. Hence I think it deserves more visibility than it is getting. Do help spread the word.


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