Trilogy E-Book 2 – Combat & New Life



Combat and New Life, the e-book, is Book 2 of  Wilber’s War (trilogy): An American Family’s Journey through World War II. It carries Wilber into direct combat in the Solomon Islands as an artillery battalion commander while Norma copes with an unexpected crisis in New York and adjustments in her relationships with her children and husband. Wilber’s letters track his evolving relationship with Norma while creating a vivid inside view of jungle combat and then of life in New Zealand for American soldiers newly re-introduced into a western society. Two “Interludes” recreate the author’s visits to the Solomons and New Zealand where, 40 years later (1983–84), he sees first-hand the locales and the people Wilber had known, sometimes with surprising results.

The complete three e-book series chronicles the story of two ordinary Americans, Wilber and Norma Bradt, during an extraordinary time, World War II. It offers fresh insight—on a deeply personal level—into the historic conflict as it was fought by the U.S. Army in the Solomon Islands, New Guinea, and The Philippines and by a family on the home front. It is an epic tale of duty, heroism, love, infidelity, and the tragedy of suicide.

The work offers a detailed and nuanced view into the complexities faced by one family and by U.S. society as a whole when it ships soldiers off to war and asks loved ones to forge new lives on the home front.

Based on a rich trove of wartime letters, Wilber’s War (trilogy) has received the following accolades:
Silver Award: Foreword Reviews (War & Military),
Silver Award: IBPA Benjamin Franklin (Biography),
Finalist Award: National Indie Excellence (Military Non-fiction)

“informed and informative … thoughtful and thought-provoking…inherently fascinating read…deftly crafted…very highly recommended for both community and academic library … collections” [Midwest Book Review, June 2015]

This e-book is provided in both Mobi and E-Pub formats.

384 pages (print version), 2 charts, 14 maps, 106 illustrations)


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