Video of Wilber’s War dramatization now on You Tube

12/8/17. Good News: The video of the August 3 staged reading of Wilber’s War in Hamilton, MA, has now been posted on YouTube. It lasts 60 minutes. I authored it (my first dramatic work!) and two professional actors performed/read it. The 90+ slides were manually inserted into the video so their quality remains high. I think it very well done. Do let me know what you think. Click here to watch it.

I will give a talk on Wilber’s War at The Explorers on Monday Jan 22 (10–12 am, 10 Federal St., Salem, MA, FREE). Since I gave a talk on the same topic there several years ago, I want to vary the presentation. My plan is to show the video of the dramatization – letting the actors tell the story – with plenty of time afterwards to discuss the several poignant issues raised in the story.

I am making moves to actually contribute Wilber’s original hand-written letters and my other WWII materials to the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, TX, so my heirs don’t have to do that. The big hurdle is that I would like to scan them prior to doing so – a huge job. That way the museum can make them publicly available online more readily.

I am learning that it is almost impossible for an independent publisher/author like me to get access to bookstores and libraries. The distributors and wholesalers do not want small Mom and Pop publishers like me. It seems the whole point of independent publishing is to go directly to the consumer without those middlemen, and I have so far been a failure at that. Neither my continuing facebook ad nor my ads in in magazines (Foreword Reviews, IBPA, Publishers Weekly) yield noticeable results. Selling is obviously not my forte. Fortunately, I had a career in academia, not business!! But I have had a good time through it all with radio interviews, book talks, op-ed pieces, a staged reading, and many rich, warm personal connections. And it is not over yet.

I turned 87 yesterday. That number sounds absolutely ancient to me. But I am happy to still be around.