Wilber’s War (abridged) is Published!!


Photo: Angie Wagg
Photo: Angie Wagg

12/31/16. Wilber’s War (abridged): An American Family’s Journey through World War II was formally published on Dec. 7, 2016! It was also Pearl Harbor Day and my 86th Birthday. We celebrated it all at the Salem Athenaeum where I gave another book talk, in which I told speculative stories of German spies and an impromptu battlefield meeting of opposing commanders.

The new abridged book is a more accessible, low-priced ($14.99), distilled, one-volume version of my trilogy. It is also available as an E-book ($4.99) and as an Audio-book ($24.95 – or less). All are available on Amazon and at www.wilberswar.com. As with the trilogy, it is loaded with maps and illustrations, 95 in total.

It has been well received with positive reviews (5.0 stars on Amazon). (The trilogy has received two Silver Awards and one Finalist Award.) Its juxtaposition of the battles in the Pacific Theater and the challenges on the home front make it a very special story that is highly relevant to military families today. It is an epic tale of duty, heroism, love, infidelity, and the tragedy of suicide.

Here is what one reviewer (Angie Wagg on the blog, Kelly’s Thoughts on Things) wrote:

"Ms Wagg's veteran-husband reading Wilber's War. Photo: Angie Wagg.
Ms Wagg’s veteran-husband reading Wilber’s War. Photo: Angie Wagg.

“My husband — a retired disabled veteran (photo) — did not put this book down until he finished it. I could tell that it touched him and brought on many memories of his own. At times he just dropped his head and times I think I saw a tear fall. For someone like him who understands war, this was a very accurate description of what happens when our loved ones defend our freedom. For me, a civilian, it opened my eyes and gave me an insight into what our military go through to protect us.”

I would greatly appreciate your spreading the word among your friends about Wilber’s War (abridged). If you get and read it yourself, I would love to hear what you think of it. And of course, if you read it, writing a review on Amazon or elsewhere would be much appreciated, even if it is short and not all positive. I published it myself (Van Dorn Books), and hence need ALL the help I can get to call attention to it.